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Order information on prices of goods from a selected region of the world, with full contact details of companies, exact specification of goods and terms of cooperation.

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*The price applies to searches within the European Union. The price for search of goods outside the European Union is determined individually for each order.

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What is a stock search?

The search for goods is carried out through active communication with Merkandi partners, verification of international databases and personal contacts of our experts in foreign markets. We use foreign social media, online forums and industry databases.

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We work with manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers in 150 countries

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We will search for goods according to specification and price range, saving you time and money

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Buy goods abroad at a better price!

What are the benefits of the stock search service:

  • Time saving - you will receive a ready-made report containing all the necessary parameters of the product you are looking for, along with the full contact details of the contractor
  • Saving money - the selected goods will be much cheaper than identical goods available on the local market,
  • Advantage over competition - order goods not available on the local market that will help your business stand out from the competition,
  • New areas of operation - build new business relationships with partners around the world.

Plan your sales strategy - the stock will be found by Us!

Many years of experience gained from overseeing more than 200,000 commercial transactions worldwide will allow us to prepare offers that best meet your expectations.

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What information will the prepared report contain?
In the report, you will receive information about prices for selected goods from a selected region of the world, along with contact details of companies, as well as detailed specifications and terms of cooperation. The report will contain 5 offers from different suppliers. If we find more offers, we will also provide their quotations, at no extra charge.
Do we guarantee the availability of selected goods?
The supplier submits an offer to us in good faith and we assume that he has the goods in stock at the time of submission. Our task is to find the supplier and obtain an offer and in this respect we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
What language will the report be in?
The most important information needed to order the goods will be prepared in English. However, long descriptions related to the terms of the contract, the contract itself, the technical specifications will be available in the language in which they were prepared by the supplier of the goods. Merkandi can translate such documents into any language for an additional fee.
Does Merkandi charge a commission?
We do not charge commissions on transactions between buyer and seller. The only cost to the customer is the cost of subscribing to a search service.
How much time do I have to use the service?
If you have an account on Merkandi the service is available indefinitely. You can use the purchased service throughout the validity of your account on Merkandi. If you are not a Merkandi user, the service is available 12 months from the date of activation.
How to use the service?
Using the service is very simple:
  1. Order and pay
    You simply order the service and make the payment.
  2. Completing the service form
    At any time during your subscription (or 12 months after purchase if you do not have an account), you complete a form with details of the item you are searching for.
  3. You get a list of suppliers
    Within 3 working days you will receive back from us a list of suppliers who have the goods you are looking for.
What is a PRODUCT GROUP, what does it mean that you are looking at 1 product group?
If, for example, you are looking for a furniture supplier and the furniture is to be office furniture, kitchen furniture, living room furniture, or bedroom furniture, we treat this as 1 product group. If, on the other hand, you are looking for furniture but at the same time for construction machinery, these are 2 different product groups and you have to place 2 different search orders.
Can Merkandi search for goods from returns, surplus stock, and mix pallets for me?
No, because the stock search service only applies to full-price goods available for regular sale. If you are looking for offers from returns, surplus stock, please visit our platform. We add new stock there every day, and you also have the possibility to send your request to several thousand wholesalers dealing only with surplus stock.
Are the suppliers searched by Merkandi verified and can they be trusted 100%?
No one can be trusted 100%, use common sense and good business practices. Sign a contract, describe exactly what you are ordering, who is paying for transport, etc. . Some of the suppliers can be from the Merkandi database, these are verified companies. Besides, every company we search for you is subject to basic verification in the trade registers of the country. If you are interested in full verification of the company, please use the dedicated Merkandi service → Verification of the contractor.

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