Prioritised and guaranteed translation of offers in 20 languages

Automatic, instant translation of all your offers in 20 languages!

No more language barriers - our service allows you to sell goods even to the furthest corners of the world without worrying about the correct translation of your offer!

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Description of service

Automatic, instant translation allows you to sell goods internationally without worrying about the correct translation of your listing. You will save time spent on moderating your offer, and you will make it easier for potential buyers to get to know the goods on sale.

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Translation occurs in real time

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The quality of the translations is equal to that of a professional translator

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Reaching out to a large number of potential clients from all over the world

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Make an impact on the international market

What are the benefits of automatic translation of offers:

  • New areas of activity - are you planning to develop your business internationally and expand your audience? Thanks to automatic, instant translation, your offers will be displayed in all countries where Merkandi is available.
  • Saves time - offers are translated in real time in 20 languages without the need to manually switch between the different language versions.
  • Oszczędność pieniędzy — brak konieczności zatrudniania pracowników czy zewnętrznych biur tłumaczeń.
  • Increased effectiveness - no matter where the buyer is from, thanks to automatic translation, they will see your offers in their language, which will significantly increase interest in your products.
  • Advantage over competition - the language barrier will not be an obstacle to building relationships with international clients.

Professional business means professional tools

Advanced machine learning algorithms allow us to professionally translate your listings in 20 languages in real time. Translations are similar to those done by professional translators and delivery time is instantaneous.

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Service available only for Merkandi users.

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Frequently asked questions

What languages are the offers translated into?
When you publish an offer, you provide it in your native language. In other languages, the offer will be translated automatically, regardless of which language you originally published the offer in.
Are the offers translated by translators or an online translator?
The offers are translated by the best translators based on advanced machine-learning algorithms. Many studies prove that they equal translations made by professional translators in efficiency and quality. However, they have an advantage in speed - they are done automatically, regardless of the time of day and in a lightning-fast manner.
How much time do I have to use the service?
The service is available for 12 months from the time of order. The expiry date of the service is not linked to the expiry date of the account, but it is necessary to have an active account on Merkandi in order to use it.

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