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We check companies from 66 countries - don't risk doing business with an unreliable contractor

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Description of service

We offer you our experience gained from overseeing more than 200,000 commercial transactions between buyers and sellers worldwide. We only use information obtained from reliable business intelligence agencies that are members of the German FEBIS association - including Dun & Bradstreet - and their database contains more than 420 million companies from over 200 countries. They obtain information from 30,000 official sources worldwide and make 5 million updates every day, which guarantees the highest quality.

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We combine traditional business intelligence methods with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) data processing

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To meet our clients' expectations, we verify companies from as many as 66 countries

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We examine more than 20 aspects of the verified company's activities and conclude the report with a company's rating

The official reviews the contract

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What are the benefits of the company verification service:

  • Save time - you will receive a ready-made report containing all the necessary information about the contractor, including our assessment,
  • Saves money - you are doing business with a proven partner, significantly increasing the security of the transaction,
  • Full review - we verify over 20 aspects of the business and check the company against major business intelligence databases.

Don't be fooled!

Rely on the professionals. We check things like:

  • whether the potential business partner is listed in international fraud databases, whether the person concerned works or owns a company indicated by him, i.e. we conduct basic OSINT (so-called intelligent research)
  • the company's management and its networks with other companies. The connections themselves are not a negative thing. However, if the president of a company with which we intend to cooperate has previously been active in several other companies and these companies are listed on debt exchanges, we assume that this increases the risk of cooperation
  • government databases/records
  • databases of companies in bankruptcy, settlement proceedings
  • international and local debt exchanges or debt collection agencies
  • conformity of registration data, tax numbers
  • we analyse the documents provided by the potential business partner to detect manipulation (detection of photo retouching/editing, attempts at document forgery)
  • we will verify opinions of cooperation with the potential business partner
  • AML lists - sanction lists if a person/company is suspected of money laundering
  • information available in the media

In total, we check each contractor against 64 different sources of economic information.

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Frequently asked questions

In which countries do you carry out verification of companies?
Merkandi reports, are develop for companies based in Europe. The following countries are excluded:
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Cyprus
  • Gibraltar
  • Iceland
  • Monaco
Other continents/countries excluded from Merkandi company verification:
  • Russia
  • Iran
  • Turkey
  • America (whole)
  • Africa
  • Asia
Excluding a continent or country means that the report will not be prepared by Merkandi but by a trusted third-party company, this will entail an additional charge.
What is and what is the difference: Business Intelligence (commercial), Detective Agency, and Company Verification in Merkandi
  • Business Intelligence allows us to obtain retrospective financial data (for the previous tax year) and publicly available and fee-based information from databases about the verified company. Usually, with few exceptions, the reports tell us nothing about the current situation of the contractor. A relatively low-cost service, ideal for the mass monitoring of multiple companies.
  • A Detective Agency (usually owned by former police officers specialized in economic crime), uses Business Intelligence data, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and investigative techniques carried out directly in the terrain. The most expensive but most effective form of contractor verification. Particularly recommended for one-off large transactions.
  • Company verification, a service provided by Merkandi. We carry out basic OSINT (open-source intelligence) in the form of modern business intelligence using software and knowledge available only to the best business intelligence agencies in the world. Our service is classified between Business Intelligence (we do not use backdated financial data, but current open and classified information) and Detective Agency (we do not carry out terrain operations).
How much time do I have to use the service?
The service is available for 12 months from the time of order. The expiry date of the service is not linked to the expiry date of the account, but it is necessary to have an active account on Merkandi in order to use it.

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